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Games Features

Main Game

Play Match-3 by swapping gems to match 3 or more identical gems. Lining up four gems of the same type forms a Line Crasher which clears an entire row when activated while matching 5 identical gems forms a Hyper Star which clears a specific gem color when activated.

Fable Spin

Player stops the spinning wheel on a number to fill the silo tower with hay. When a checkpoint is reached, the player is asked to claim the current winning or to risk continue playing to reach the next checkpoint. However, if the wheel needle stops at a torch, the hay collected will burn and winnings disappear. The higher the hay, the higher the cash bonus.

Plinko (Progressive Jackpot)

Play the classic bonus round game to win additional prizes/money and a chance to win the progressive jackpot. The Plinko bonus provides additional payouts by aiming a droplet of water to plants which are equivalent to a certain amount in the paytable.

Buy ticket

Use available account balance to buy ticket to play game, 10 Moves per ticket. The player can also choose to continue with their current board.


Display in-game collectible item values accordingly to the ticket bought. The pay table value varies depending on the ticket amount.

Daily Objective

Complete the daily objective gem match to trigger Plinko bonus round. The objective bonus required gem type changes to give the players a daily new challenge and a fresh experience.


Use moves limit to match gems or dice. Clearing identical gems spawn loot while matching dices move game character.

Mystery Dice

Match dice to reveal numbers. The added sum will move the character around the outer game board accordingly.


Game Character moves in the outer board to collect payout items according to dice sum value.

Hyper Star

Power-up that is used to clear a specific gem type or add them to the daily objectives. Created by matching 5 of the same gems and activated by swapping to a gem next to it.

Line Crasher

Power-up that clears a line of gems and spawn fable spin collectible. Create a line-crasher by matching 4 of the same gem and activated by matching the line crasher to a gem with the same color.

Artificial Inteligent Play (A.I)

Computer generated moves. When activated, this allows the player to sit comfortably and watch as the game clears gems on its own.